Over 3 Decades: Donald Trump's 3500+ Lawsuits

There is a disturbing pattern of Donald Trump not paying people who were hired to work for his companies. Here are their stories.

An ongoing USA TODAY analysis of legal filings across the United States finds that the Republican presidential nominee and his businesses have been involved in thousands of legal actions in federal and state courts over the past three decades.

Edward Friel, Jr.

In the meeting, Donald Trump told his father that the company’s work was inferior, Friel said, even though the general contractor on the casino had approved it. The bottom line, Trump told Edward Friel, was the company wouldn’t get the final payment. Then, Friel said Trump added something that struck the family as bizarre. Trump told his dad that he could work on other Trump projects in the future.Read more

Andrew Tesoro, NY

Tesoro designed the clubhouse of the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, NY. Trump loved it. But when Tesoro sent Trump a bill for his work, he replied through his lawyers: Accept pennies on the dollar or I’ll tie you up in court for yearsRead more

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It Was Devastating

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When the payment was late, we were assured that the money’s on the way: ‘don’t worry, it’s coming.’ It never came.Read more

Marty Rosenberg, NJ

Vice President of his family business, Atlantic Plate Glass. Contracted to install floor-to-ceiling curtain walls of glass at the Trump Taj Mahal. Read more

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Charles Sperry, FL

Sperry was president of Baring Industries, which had a multi-million dollar contract to provide kitchen equipment to the Trump Taj-Mahal.Read more

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Herman Caucci, NJ

As he was walking into a meeting with contractors to share strategies about how to deal with Trump, landscaper Herman Caucci asked him what he planned to do: Stick it out in hopes of getting all he was owed, or take cash at a discount?Read more

Juan Carlos Enriquez, FL

The Paint Spot of Doral sued Trump after he reportedly tried to stiff the mom-and-pop store on its last payment of $34, 863 two years ago. This July a Miami-Dade judge ordered Trump to pay nearly $300,000 in attorney’s fees. Trump has yet to pay.Read more

Larry Walters, NV

In Las Vegas, Mr. Walters’s drapery dispute took a bizarre turn when the sheriff’s deputies presented a court order demanding he hand over fabric his company, Catalina Draperies.Read more

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Judith Jacobsen, FL

In 2004, Mr. Trump chose 5-foot-wide chandeliers with 75 bulbs from the store, said Judith Jacobson, who said she designed the fixture and worked there with her ex-husband, Nicolas Jacobson, the owner.Read more

These are only a few of the stories of Trump's 4,000 plus lawsuits. Don't let Donald leave America trumped!

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